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Julijette Inc. mandates environmentally responsible and sustainable productions, and creates operational policies to see that sustainability is maintained to the highest standard by production, crew, and cast.  Julijette Inc. takes every step possible to reduce the carbon footprint created by production and works to support a greener film industry.  

Separating Waste

Green Initiatives

At Julijette Inc., "Green Initiative" strategies are mandated for the following departments:





Production Design

Set Decoration


Special Effects


Make Up Effects




Grips...And More!

Separating Waste
Save the Planet


Julijette Films Inc. regularly mandates

for EVERY production:

A Recycling Program.

A Reusables Program.

A Fuel Efficiencies Program.

A Paperless Production Program.

A Donations Program.

A Green Vendors Supply Program.

Responsible Handling of E-waste.

Carbon Footprint Calculation.

Clean Energy Toolkits Access (For All Departments).

Information Resources.

And More.

Contact us for a PDF of all department strategies.

With close to an average of 100 crew members on any given production, and with approximately 9 weeks per production of cup usage - productions can see over 10,000 paper cups used on a film production, multiplied by 5 productions over one year - and that's 50,000 paper cups.  

Juljette Inc. has managed to reduce this consumption down to zero.  That's right, ZERO.  This is just one of the action plans we have in place to support sustainability policy at Julijette Inc.  Together, we can make a difference.  

Real Results

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