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Jette Studios

With recent major global innovations in film-making...Julijette Inc. is taking film production in Manitoba to the next level.  With a 270 degree configurable surround LED screen, "The Volume" will allow access to virtually any space in the world.  Add to that...state-of-the-art colouring, editing, sound mastering, presentation, and production office suites...and Julijette becomes a one-stop-shop for film-makers in North America. 

"Niverville", the soon-to-be home of "Jette Studios" is right in the sweet spot for maximum tax credits in Manitoba, the most aggressive film and television tax benefit offered in Canada. 

At Jette Studios, we can go anywhere.


Examples of shooting in "The Volume" with LED screen technology.


Niverville is located just 40 minutes  from the centre of downtown Winnipeg.  (This is about the same amount of time it takes to drive from LA to Universal studios.)  Niverville is also only 60 minutes from the U.S border and is one of the fastest growing communities in Manitoba. 


Not only is Jette Studios exactly where it needs to be for maximum tax benefits, it is an ideal location for exceptionally professional, focused, and robust film-making.  Add to that, access to thousands of unique municipal and rural actual shooting locations,  exceptional crews, on-the-spot editing, colour-grading, and music can save money and acquire an exceptional product without the delays of outsourcing.


Color Grading

Sound Mastering




Production Offices

Did You Know?
Last year Manitoba did

$535 Million
in film production
over a 30 month period?  
Join The Party!


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