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Various Locations, Winnipeg, Manitoba


My name is Hayden Mushinski.  I assist julijette inc. in many areas of operations including pre-production, production, post-production, and on-set services.  I love being part of the team here at julijette inc. and have first hand experience enjoying the thorough involvement of everyone on the team in the success of all aspects of the projects we facilitate.  There is a willingness from everyone here at julijette inc. to put in the work, and I feel that dedication sets us apart.  On behalf of everyone here, we look forward to working with you!

About Hayden

Hayden is educated in Architecture and Environmental Design.  He has worked for multiple design companies ranging from residential construction, fine millwork, metal work, project management, large scale construction and industrial design.

In December of 2022, he joined Julijette to pursue his interests in the film industry and leave the construction industry behind.  He holds on to many of the lessons he learned in construction, design and project management that are of value to his work as our Executive Assistant, Associate Producer and Warehouse Manager.  His art and design skills tend to lead him to assisting Art Department endeavours whenever suitable and he takes care of Julijette’s immense inventory of props, set decoration and general warehouse related things.

Hayden is deeply involved in developing our sound suites and participates actively in assisting in the development of julijette inc.  In addition to the work he does here at julijette inc. he has also now been an associate producer on our independent feature film entitled "SGT. Fruit Fly" (2023), Lifetime made-for-tv movies, "The Elizabeth Thomas Story" (2023) and "The Vicky White Story" (2023), and Hallmark made-for-tv movie, "Holiday Hotline" (2023).


When not helping with movie magic, Hayden is an active musician and DJ, so you will always find him handling the music at any Julijette events!  


We look forward to hearing from you!

(204) 775-1322

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