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My name is Yana Malkasian.  One of the umbrella companies under julijette inc. is called "See More Films" - a Canadian distribution company!  It's pretty handy to have a film distribution company around when you have a film production company!  Film distribution is exceedingly complicated, and we have the resources and know-how to monetize a property...whether it's for AVOD, VOD, theatrical release, DVD/Video release, and even for international markets.  "See you at the movies!"

About Yana

Yana Malkhasian graduated from Kyiv National I. K. Karpenko-Karyi University of Theatre, Cinema and Television and received the qualification of film and television production organizer in 2011. In 2015, she began working at the Pravda Kino cinema (Dnipro) as a film distribution manager, working with all distributors represented in Ukraine.


In 2017, Yana started working as a Content Purchasing Manager at the distribution company Parakeet Film, which subsequently released many successful films from independent film companies to Ukrainian theaters, including MILF, Drunk Parents, Lying and Stealing, The Outpost, The Translators, The Night Clerk, Death of Me, Bill & Ted Face the Music, Blithe Spirit and more, which competed with major distributors at the box office.

In connection with the beginning of the war, the company's management decided to suspend the release of films on the territory of Ukraine with a further restart after the war.

In connection with these events, Yana Malkhasian moved to Canada in 2022 and began her professional growth in international distribution at the film distribution branch of the production company Julijette Inc.: "See More Films".  Already in February 2023,  the company was announced at EFM.  Yana Malkhasian sets the main task for SMF to become a competitive player in the Canadian film distribution market.

Yana's does not start her day without tea.  Yana is exceptionally resourceful, and all of us at julijette enjoy working with her and her professional insights.


We look forward to hearing from you!

(204) 775-1322

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