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My name is Tess Gebel.  I manage julijette's immense inventory of costumes.  At julijette inc. we can facilitate all of your production's costume needs.  From the script breakdown to the look-book, to the wrap-rack...pulling, purchasing, or designing what your project needs to make your characters (and the world they live in), come to life on the screen.  I enjoy the team at julijette inc. and I am proud to be a part of the process.  Collaboration is my thing!  I look forward to working with you! 

About Tess

Tess was born and raised on set by her two filmmaker parents. Her mother, Juliette, was working whilst pregnant with her and immediately brought her to set as soon as she was born. Growing up on set, Tess was known for walking around with craft service snacks and generally making sure everyone was having a good day.


Her first official film job was at the age of 6 was doing on camera inserts. As she grew up, she worked as a background performer.  Eventually, Tess joined the DGC as a Production Assistant, Assistant Production Coordinator, and 3rd Assistant Director.  Tess is also a member of the IATSE 856 Costume Department. 

Tess has since taken her focus solely to costume work.  She manages julijette’s immense inventory of costumes and continues to work on-set in the costumes department.  She has worked as a Costume Designer on a CAFTCAD nominated short film, The Ballad of Gus (2022), and as a Costume Designer on our Independent Feature, SGT. Fruit Fly (2023).  For Tess' full filmography, please refer to:


Tess continues towards progressing her career as a Costume Designer.  She has two miniature Italian greyhounds who she enjoys taking for walks (and slightly spoiling) whenever she gets the chance.


We look forward to hearing from you!

(204) 775-1322

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