Too Late To Say Goodbye

(2009) Crime-Drama / 95 mins

Director: Norma Bailey
Starring: Rob Lowe, Lauren Holly, Michelle Hurd
Executive Producers: Stanley M. Brooks, Jim Head
Co-Executive Producer: Damian Ganczewski
Producers: Juliette Hagopian, Nicholas Tabarrok

The story of Jenn and Bart Corbin (Lowe); a couple who appear to have the perfect marriage. Wedded bliss, though, is not always what it seems, as Jenn discovers Bart’s affair with a beautiful co-worker. Distraught, Jenn turns to the Internet, where she makes a connection with a charming mystery man. When Jenn is found dead – apparently the result of a devastating suicide – her loving sister insists that Jenn would never have willingly taken her own life and left her children without their mother. Could the killer be her husband, who has some dark secrets of his own, or possibly her online suitor, who may not be exactly the person Jenn had imagined?