(2004) Action / 93 mins

Director: Noam Gonick
Starring: Kyle Henry, Deena Fontaine, Ryan Black
Executive Producer: Juliette Hagopian
Producer: Noam Gonick, Ryan Black

Stryker is the story of a brutal turf war between two street gangs in Winnipeg’s North End. Omar (Ryan Black), the mixed-blood leader of the ABS (Asian Bomb Squad), dominates the ’hood with his crew of Filipino enforcers. His nemesis, Mama Ceece (Deena Fontaine), is the girl-thug leader of the Indian Posse. She has just been released from jail and is determined to regain control of her neighbourhood. “Stryker” is Canadian slang for a prospective gang member. This film follows one Stryker (Kyle Henry), a 14-year-old Native arsonist from a northern reserve whose arrival in the city serves as a catalyst in this fierce battle.

Official Selection: 2004 Venice International Film Festival