Holiday Switch

(2007) Drama / 89 mins

Director: Bert Kish
Starring: Nicole Eggert, Patricia Mayen-Salazar, Bret Anthony, Brett Le Bourveau
Executive Producer: Stanley M. Brooks
Producer: Juliette Hagopian

Caught in the tedious normality of every day life, Paula sometimes wonders if it was a mistake to choose her real love, poor Gary, instead of her high school sweetheart Nick, now a rich business man.

Especially frustrated during the Christmas season, Paula wishes hard to trade places with Nick`s wife and miraculously her dream becomes true. Now however, she realizes that although she is rich financially she is far from being happy. Eventually her “dream” even turns into a “nightmare” as Nick betrays her and wants to divorce her. She has learned her lesson and all she wants is to get back her life with Gary. But is there a way?