Everything She Ever Wanted

(2009) Crime-Drama / Min-Series

Director: Peter Svatek
Starring: Gina Gershon, Victor Garber, Rachel Blanchard, Ryan McPartlin
Executive Producers: Stanley M. Brooks, Jim Head
Co-Executive Producer: Damian Ganczewski
Producers: Juliette Hagopian, Nicholas Tabarrok

From best-selling author Ann Rule comes a tale of obsessive love, greed and murder. For their wedding portrait, Pat and Tom Allanson posed as Rhett and Scarlett as an homage to their Southern roots and dreams for a Tara-like plantation where they could rise through the hierarchy of the South Carolina elite. Less than two months later, their dream exploded in terror and murder when Tom was convicted of the gruesome slaying of his parents. Pat’s own brother died in a puzzling suicide, her grandparents-in-law were poisoned and no one — from her employers to her own children — was safe when Pat Allanson didn’t get her way. Inspired by a True Story.